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Personal Training & Physiotherapie

available online or in person

Mein Ziel als Trainerin ist es, dich bei deinem persönlichen Trainingsfortschritt zu unterstützen, indem ich deine persönlichen Ziele erfasse und ein Programm erstelle, das auf deine Bedürfnisse zugeschnitten ist.


Dive deeper into your aerial skills, develop your own aesthetic and creative approach, or learn more about biomechanics, anatomy, and aerial injury prevention. Assess your injury and get back in your regular training safely! With my personal 1:1 training possibilities, you'll be heading to new personal heights and healthy movement.

You will profit from my approach based on a physiotherapy background and experience as an aerial silk coach for more than six years, my focus on movement quality & breath, and my empathy and aesthetic sensibility. Topics in a one-on-one session may include injury prevention and assessment, performance creation, and coaching tailored aerial strength practice or flexibility programs to speed up your progress. We will work on your personal goals, mastering a nemesis move, building or polishing a choreography, creating an optimized personal training plan, gaining strength, improving flexibility, preventing typical aerial injuries, or assessing existing injuries. The one-on-one classes may take place online or in person.

Not sure what to choose? In the free 15 min coaching, we will check if we're a match and how I can help you reach your goals in the best way! I want to make you 100% sure I can help you achieve the goals you desire. Please schedule your appointment right now or leave me any questions you might have via

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